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"Art needs no explanation" is my motto.


Hi! My name is Zanchi Andrea and I'm a self-taught artist. 

I live in Bergamo (Italy) and I'm 23 years old.

I started drawing in primary school when I was six years old, but in the following years I loved to make some black and white portraits, depicting my favorite musicians and celebrities.


During the Covid-19 pandemic period in 2020, my region was directly attached by the disease and it forced us to stay in our homes for about two months. 

In that period I realized that I could start to evolve my artistic methods by using new materials such as acrylic paint and different tools.


Day by day, I found out that these instruments could make me feel relaxed and much more relieved from this awful world situation.


I tried different techniques and subjects, but my main interest is abstract art because I can draw emotions, thoughts, indefinite backgrounds and moods right in the way that I feel inside.

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