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Bespoke art - Commissions

To create a unique framework, an initial discussion is necessary to know some information such as the style and size you wish to commission. This can help me to formulate a first hypothetical quote.

Location dependent, we will discuss colour schemes and all the details in person or over Skype/Zoom, along with some photos of your space where for the artwork you want to share. The place can tell me which colours would fit perfectly to the painting.

The typical lead time for a commission is between 4-6 weeks.

When the work is done, I'll send you some photos and videos to ensure you are happy with the design and colours.

Art work can be shipped worldwide and securely packed, guaranteeing it is delivered to your door with peace of mind.


A payment of 50% is required to purchase materials and begin the process.

After the commission is complete, the remaining 50% is requested to deliver the framework.

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